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Defensive Back University

Updated: May 23, 2022

DBU specializes in teaching the fundamentals of football in all positions with a focus on learning defensive back. We start with the basics like what and why the position is important in the game. (If the opponent doesn’t score, they don’t win). We also teach how to play the position for example zone and man concepts as well as alignment and assignments.

We go over best practices while covering eligible receivers (pre and post snap reads). Utilizing the proper drills during sessions we help better prepare our athletes to execute and make plays during game time situations. The Defensive back position is known as one of the toughest positions on the field due to high expectations to execute for team success.

This position requires athletes to have the ability to tackle the biggest players and run with the fastest players in the game. With the growing popularity of offensive positions such as wide receiver and Quarterback the need for quality defensive backs is at an all-time high. Most players shy away from this position based on multiple factors which creates a large need for skilled quality athletes in this position on all levels.


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